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The DV Mini Series of pedals from DV Mark is made to the same high quality level as our standard effect line, but uses an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis. Smaller than other stompboxes, these incredible-sounding pedals will fit onto even the most crowded pedal boards, and the 9-12V power requirement means you can use them with any standard power supply.

Give your pedalboard a “boost” with the DV Mini Boost, which also features our Variable Preshape Filter (boosts lows and highs, cuts mids).

Booster and VPF filter

The DV Mini Boost allows to boost your signal level by up to +20 dB to instantly give you more signal any time you need it. Use it to increase your clean level, boost an amp into overdrive or send an already overdriven amp into distortion! Thanks to the single VPF filter control you can cut midrange, while boosting the lows and the highs for tonal variety.

Ultra-compact design and standard power requirement

DV Mini Boost offers first-rate professional features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis, smaller and lighter than other stompboxes. Its standard 9-12V voltage allows you to power it with most common pedalboard power supplies.

True bypass

Like all our pedals, the DV Mini Boost features “true bypass”: that means that when the distortion is “off”, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.

100% Made in Italy / top-quality components

The DV Mini Boost features high-quality components for the best quality sound, and is 100% Made in Italy.


  • Input: mono ¼” jack
  • Input impedance: 1 Mohm /6 Vpp
  • Output: mono ¼” jack
  • Output impedance: 470 ohm /6 Vpp
  • Boost Gain Level: from 0 to +20 dB
  • Weight: 0.51 lbs / 230 gr
  • Dimensions (w/h/d): 48.4 x 38.2 x 105.2 mm (3.23” x 1.5” x 4.92”)
  • Power requirements: +9/+12VDC

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