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The Fuzz changed guitar tone forever in the 1960/70s thanks to The Stones, The Who, Hendrix and other guitar heroes of that era, so it was inevitible that we would add a FUZZ to the DV Mark pedal line. In the DV Fuzzer we created an intensesounding pedal with harmonic-rich tone and sustain. Like all of our pedals we've included True Bypass circuitry so that your tone is preserved when the pedal is off.

The Volume, Sustain and Tone controls give you the ability to dial in the exact fat fuzz or wild rock sound you’re looking for!

Get the wild sounds of the 60s

The DV Fuzzer is the most intense “distortion” pedal in the DV Mark line. It faithfully produces the fuzz sound of the 60/70s and has all the features you need to dial in the sound you’re looking for.

True Bypass

Like all our pedals, the DV Fuzzer features “true bypass”: that means that when the distortion is “off”, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.

100% Made in Italy / top-quality components

The DV Fuzzer features high-quality, selected components for consistent sound quality, and is 100% Made in Italy.


  • Input: mono ¼” jack
  • Input impedance: 500 Kohm
  • Output: mono ¼” jack
  • Controls: Volume, Sustain, Tone
  • Power requirements: +9/+12VDC or standard 9V battery

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