DVK Technologies The Mrs




  • Normal/Fat (toggle)
  • Gain
  • Level
  • Boost (footswitch)


  • Normal/Bright (toggle)
  • Comp
  • Level
  • Attack
  • Comp (footswitch)


DVK Technologies

The Mrs. guitar effects pedal from DVK Technologies offers both a boost and compressor in the same enclosure. The Booster side will provide plenty of extra volumeg, with a Level control to dial in the perfect amount of boost, with the added bonus of a Gain control to dial in a little drive or edge. Another feature of the booster side is the Norm/Fat toggle switch. The Fat setting will give your bottom and low mids a kick in the guts.

The Compressor side of The Mrs. can be used by itself or in combination with the boost. Its circuit is one of DVK's own, based on a few legendary compressors that they have admired and found useful in the past. It features a Norm/Bright switch that, when switched to the Bright side, will give your sound bit more zing or top end.

Because The Mrs. features two circuits (compressor and booster) you can, of course, combine the two. Doing so will give you a sonic palette that goes from loud and clean to outright filthy. If desired, you can drive the booster harder with the compressor side resulting in some pretty crazy (and loud!) dirt tones. This sort of application is just the thing to push an amp in near breakup mode right over the edge. In short: experiment!


  • Boost/Compressor effects in one enclosure
  • Gain, Level, Norm/Fat controls for boost effect
  • Comp, Level, Attack, Norm/Bright controls for compressor
  • Effects can be used individually or combines
  • True bypass

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