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The GoldTop guitar effects pedal from DVK Technologies is a dual-function pedal featuring classic fuzz and vibe effects thaty can be engaged separately or used together for some great modulated drive tones. Additionally, DVK has provided a toggle switch that lets you change the stacking order of these effects – fuzz before vibe or vice-versa depending on your preference and the tone you're after.

The GoldTop's fuzz is loosely based on a "Big M" type. However, DVK has tweaked it to offer you a wider tonal pallet. It can be manipulated to give scooped tones and with the help of the ‘Shape’ knob you’ll be able to dial in more mids which will help your leads cut through the stage mix. Of course, the amount of fuzz it generates will depend largely on the pickups in your guitar. For instance, low output single coil pickups will yield less fuzz than high-output humbuckers.

The GoldTop's vibe effect has its roots based in the classic vibes of yore, but DVK has enabled it to be rate controlled via an expression pedal (another DVK bonus!) and also to fit it into the same case as their great overdrive, thereby offering you a highly useful combination in a small package. The vibe in the SilverTop has been specifically voiced for this pedal.

The GoldTop offers sonic possibilities that stretch from Woodstock to Wollongong (Google it). Experiment and have fun!


  • A versatile fuzz circuit and lush vibe circuit in one pedal
  • Toggle lets you select the stacking order of the effects
  • External vibe rate control
  • Effects can be used independently or in any order

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