Dutch Kazoo Fuzz



Dutch Kazoo

In an age of clones, a new original.

The Dutch Kazoo is a new fuzz with a unique all-analog design. Its two-stage overdrive interacts with a blendable kazoo filter and tone control to present a palette of tones from slight overdrive to heavily saturated psychedelic fuzz to metallic noise. True bypass switching maintains the integrity of the guitar signal - or whatever you put through it - with the fuzz switched off.

The Dutch Kazoo is great for '60s to '70s heavy psyche, avant-garde jazz, art metal and also regular music that most people listen to.

The pedal is made from wood and aluminum. The Dutch Kazoo is available in light wood and five graphic designs (Fox, Cyclops, Kazoos, Flowers, and Bats) - you choose to suit your taste.

Each pedal is hand assembled in the USA using top quality components. 9V battery not included.


  • Controls: vol 1, vol 2, blend, tone
  • 9V battery and/or negative tip 9V adapter [Boss-style] (not included)
  • ¼" input and output jacks
  • Unique wood housing

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