Durham Electronics Crazy Horse



  • Drive
    The Drive control feeds into the Fuzz control. With the Fuzz turned down the Drive works solely with the Tone, Volts, and Level controls
  • Fuzz
    The Fuzz control feeds into the Tone and Level controls. With the Drive control turned down you are getting a pure fuzz effect. If the Fuzz control is turned all the way up craziness will occur. If the Drive control is brought up too the Fuzz will saturate and things will get even crazier. Playing with the balance between the Fuzz and Drive controls will will give you many hours of tonal satisfaction.
  • Tone
    The Tone control works with all sections of the Crazy Horse. The Tone control at 12:00 o'clock should give you a neutral effect.
  • Volts
    The Volts control works with the Drive control. Turned fully clockwise, the Drive is getting maximum voltage to the circuit. Turned counter clockwise, the Drive is being starved for voltage (when turning up/down there will be a slight delay for the effect to settle in).
  • Level
    The Level control limits the output of the effect.


Durham Electronics

The Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Distortion Pedal- quite possibly the most adaptable distortion/fuzz pedal on the market. Definitely not a one trick pony! Though the inspiration for this pedal came from a legendary tone, it's versatility is endless. The controls required to obtain that classic tone also allow you to get any other tone you may dream up. By adjusting the Volts you can give the pedal the effect of playing on a nearly dead battery- a trick used by several great artists!


  • Totally hand built/wired
  • Teflon wire throughout
  • Switch Craft jacks
  • Alpha full size potentiometers
  • Brightest Blue LED in the business
  • Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included)
  • 2 year warranty
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"


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