Jim Dunlop UV-1SC Uni-Vibe Stereo Chorus


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Jim Dunlop (2004-2006)

The new Uni-Vibe® Stereo Chorus was inspired by the original classic Uni-Vibe®, which gave Hendrix and Trower their hypnotizing rotating speaker sound. This unit produces all the air, phasey rotating-speaker sound in two dimensions within a small, rugged package. The stereo image this pedal achieves is worthy of the name Uni-Vibe! The Uni-Vibe® Stereo Chorus gives you the control to vary the mix of left and right outputs from spatially wide to classic mono.

Features: Top access Intensity, Speed and Mix controls along with a heavy duty bypass switch and an "ON" status LED which pulsates at the speed rate. The input and Left and Right outputs are located on the sides of the unit for easy signal chaining.

Powered by the Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter and/or 9 volt battery.

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