Jim Dunlop FFM-6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini - Chrome Limited


Pro Guitar Shop (exclusive?)

You’ve heard this box before. This isn’t to say that the circuit within the new Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face is old hat—it’s just that as a guitar player, it’s your civic duty to have heard Jimi Hendrix’s set at Woodstock, Berkeley or Fillmore East. That’s where you’ve heard the new Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face by Dunlop Electronics.

This highly limited chrome-finished box doesn’t house a typical FF-style circuit; there are far more components. A Fuzz Face, it ain’t. What it is, is a pitch-perfect recreation of Jimi’s Octavio without the upper octave. It’s a biting, creamy fuzz that sounds perfectly and sublimely unique.  

The controls are the prototypical Fuzz and Volume—they’re all you need for a fuzz tone this classic. Upon opening the enclosure you’ll encounter a tidy hand-wired circuit board and a vintage-style battery snap: Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s as simple as Jimi’s rig—don’t sweat the details.


  • Recreation of Jimi's famous "secret" live tone
  • Super limited chrome finish
  • True bypass
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation

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