Jimi Hendrix JHM2 70th Anniversary Tribute series Octavio


Jim Dunlop

Sporting the exact same circuit found in Jimi’s original “cheese wedge” Octavio®, the Jimi Hendrix™ 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Octavio not only provides the classic “octave up” effect that Hendrix utilized so potently on tracks such as “One Rainy Wish,” and “Purple Haze,” but its amazingly touch-sensitive response will inspire you to venture into uncharted sonic territory.

Hendrix could manipulate the Octavio’s response with his pickup and volume knob settings as well as his picking attack to dial in the octave effect for subtle melodic chirps or maximum ring modulated sickness.

The 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Octavio is a modern rendering of a classic one-of-a-kind effect, featuring a status LED, true-bypass switching, a 9-volt power jack, and a much smaller Phase 90-sized enclosure emblazoned with colorful, iconic Hendrix art from legendary rock artist John Van Hamersveld.

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