Jimi Hendrix JHM4 70th Anniversary Tribute series Crybaby


Jim Dunlop

Whether it was the understated soul of “Up From the Skies,” the dirty funk of “Little Miss Lover,” or the interplanetary exploits of “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” Jimi Hendrix relied on the wah to deliver a stunning array of tones. The Jimi Hendrix™ 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Cry Baby® is crafted to deliver the same dynamic tonal sweep of Jimi’s original Italian-made Thomas Organ unit while also offering a 9-volt power jack, a limited edition gloss black finish and a tread bearing iconic Hendrix art from legendary rock artist John Van Hamersveld. By carefully emulating the throaty midrange and sweet treble response of the original, the 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Cry Baby provides a crucial sonic link to the Hendrix mojo.

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foot-controlled threadle wah stompbox eq/excite/filter pedal filter wah wah wha-wha wau-wau eq/excite/filter fx pedal stomp box guitar pedal effect pedal
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