Jim Dunlop Cry Baby KFK Q Zone



  • Volume
    Mixes the clean signal with the filtered signal (?)
  • Q Zone
    Selects the filter frequency.
  • Peak
    Selects the amount of boost of the filter frequency.


Dunlop (2008)

The original Crybaby Q-Zone has been a mainstay on Kerry King's pedalboard through years of tours and recording sessions. Its unique design allows Kerry to create a focused and penetrating “fixed-wah” lead tone to cut through a band as thick as Slayer! Years after discontinuing the original, the Q-Zone has now been reborn as the KFK Q-Zone with all its tried and true controls intact and sporting a wicked KFK tattoo graphic. Use the Volume (up to +18dB), Q-Zone (frequency breadth), and Peak (frequency center) controls to sculpt and set the perfect lead sweet spot. The Q-Zone's weighted, “stay-put” knobs keep your settings stable and its heavy-duty casing, jacks, and pots ensure a lifetime of use. This limited-edition and numbered pedal will be available through select dealers worldwide.


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