Jim Dunlop Cry Baby EVH-95SE EVH 35th Anniversary Wah


35 years after Van Halen's incredible debut album, MXR celebrates by releasing a Limited Edition version of the EVH Wah Pedal. The Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah 35th Anniversary edition boasts the distinctive red, black and white stripes of Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein guitar.

  • Limited edition in celebration of Ed's 1978 debut
  • Hand painted stripes
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity

Made after studying Eddie's own wah pedal.

The EVH95 Signature Crybaby Wah Pedal is a member of the celebrated EVH Signature Series that was developed after intensive design collaboration with the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Early on in the process, Eddie handed over his "Holy Grail" Crybaby-a standard Crybaby customized in the early Nineties with a more vocal-like, High Q inductor and a wider frequency sweep. Amazingly, Dunlop found that over the years Eddie's unique wah style, which uses mostly the middle range of the effect pedal's action, had carved his own curve into the pot's resistive element, making the middle range even more defined and increased the low end sweep.

Dunlop's clones of the worn-in pot and hand-selected inductor give the EVH-95 the same "Holy Grail" feel and tone, and it's true hardwire bypass, dual bright blue bypass LEDs, and graphics based on the black and yellow-striped guitar featured on Van Halen II round out this EVH-approved Crybaby Wah Pedal with a voice and look all its own.

Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • Clone of EVH worn-in pot
  • Hand-selected inductor
  • True hardware bypass
  • Bright blue bypass LED
  • Black and yellow striped graphics
  • EVH approved

Features and Specifications

  • Filter Parameter:
    • Low Pass: 300 Hz - 380 Hz
    • High Pass: 1.9 kHz - 2.3 kHz
  • Input Impedance: 800 K
  • Output Impedance: 10K
  • Bypass: True Hard Wired Bypass
  • Max Input Level: -13.5 dBV (@ filter's centre frequency)
  • Max Output Level: +6.5 dBV
  • Signal to Noise: >Heel Down 97dBV, Toe Down >87dBV, 'A' weighted
  • Power: 2mA @ 9V DC (18mW no load)

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