D-Sound Gellend



Gellend - all-tube preamp in floor performance.

It has a characteristic "rattling", dynamic, bright sound with excellent readability and a huge stock gain.

Preamp has a clean and overloaded channel overload has two modes - "crunch" mode and "lead" mode.

With crunches clear - you get midgain overdrive, but in the lead-channel mode reveals all his essence. It is perfect for heavy music.

Flexible four-band equalizer and gain control on the drive channel and three-band EQ on the clean channel, allowing you to easily get the desired sound character.

Gellend equipped with access to the line, which will play in a mixer or to make a simple demo, connecting to the computer's sound card.

Inside - 2 tubes 12ax7.

Preamp is powered by power supply 12V 1A AC, adaper is included.

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