DSM Noisemaker Drive Maker - Tweakable Drive Engine


DSM Noisemaker

From Warm Cleans to soaring high gain leads..

From Vintage Octave fuzz to modern scooped chunky riffs.

From the creamiest Blues Overdrive to the nastiest noise Fuzz.

The Drive maker is the most versatile analog drive pedal you can get, period. 

Its flexibility allows the user to reach almost any drive tone imaginable, finding his own voice or getting the classic ones, just by tweaking the carefully designed parameters that configure the way that voicing, clipping, gain structure, symmetry and EQ are the key elements that conform any drive tone.

Option-laden pedals are everywhere, we know.. But we took it a step further with the circuit design..it is not just a distortion engine. It recreates the interaction between a tube amp and a dirt/boost pedal. You feel it on your fingers, the touch response, sustain and clarity is just unparalleled.

In addition, it features an internal FX loop assignable to the boost function, and even more, an internal switch that configures the EQ for BASS guitar use (or, those extra low-end chunky metal tones, too)


  • Voice control: a unique, carefully designed pre-gain tone control, tuned from a bass boost at min, a treble boost at max, and flat at the middle.
  • 3 clipping modes: OD for transparent, soft clipping characteristics, DIST for higher gain, more aggressive tones, and BROKEN, for a unique, very asymmetric clipping that responds to your picking style.
  • Octave Up: The MD boasts the sweetest octave up you will find. From Sitar tones to sax-like textures, down to weird fuzzy drives.
  • Boost function: It includes a footswitch-activated boost, up to 30dB. Really handy for solos or when you want to push your amp tubes
  • FX-loop: An internal FX loop lets you activate your favorite effects just by engaging the Drive maker. Also, It can be assigned for boost channel only.
  • Guitar or Bass use: An internal switch lets you choose between 2 types of output voicings, designed to work with guitar or bass frequencies.


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