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The Chronograph is a clock, countdown timer, and stopwatch for your pedalboard.  An internal coin cell battery ensures that the time and your user settings are secure even when your pedalboard is unplugged.  It's small enough that even the most crowded of boards will have room for it, yet large enough that the display can easily be read by guitar-wielding giants.

Clock Mode

The Chronograph is first and foremost a clock that's purpose-designed for your pedalboard.  Many venues don't place clocks on their walls because they don't want their customers to leave.  Unfortunately, this leaves us musicians in a predicament.  No more pulling out your phone or glancing at your watch to see how much time is left in your set!  We all know how unprofessional that can look to your audience.  Nobody will suspect a thing when you simply look at your pedalboard!

The internal coin cell battery allows the Chronograph to accurately track time for up to 10 years before it needs to be replaced. External power is only needed to light up the display.  Every time you plug in your pedalboard the current time will only be a glance away.  Both 12- and 24-hour clock formats are available by changing the appropriate setting in the setup menu.

Countdown Timer Mode

The Chronograph's second mode is a countdown timer.  The mode is changed by simply holding the footswitch to scroll through the options and tapping the footswitch when you get to the mode you want.  In this mode, the time starts at a predetermined number and counts down until the time reaches zero.  The previous start time is always stored in permanent memory and is automatically recalled every time you enter the countdown timer mode, even after power is lost.  This makes it great for counting down your set length at multiple gigs or for setting up a timer for a gig days or even weeks in advance!

Another notable feature of the countdown timer mode is the warning blink.  Have you ever been caught off guard at a show when you suddenly realize your set was supposed to end several minutes ago?  The warning blink prevents this by flashing the display when the countdown reaches a time you specify.  The display will continue to flash until the time reaches zero.  The warning blink can be disabled by simply setting the warning time to zero in the setup menu.

Stopwatch Mode

The final mode of the Chronograph is stopwatch mode.  It functions exactly as you would expect.  It simply starts at zero and counts up until you pause or reset it.  The stopwatch mode is very useful for timing your songs or set lengths during practice!

Setup Menu

The setup menu is accessed by holding down the footswitch while power is applied to the DC jack.  The display will briefly show "StuP" to indicate the Chronograph has booted into setup mode.  The following options are available in setup mode:

  • Clock adjustment: use this option to change the current hours and minutes of the clock
  • Clock hour format: toggle between 12-hour mode and 24-hour mode
  • Blink warning time: set the minutes threshold you wish to trigger the warning blink when using countdown timer mode
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