Dr Tone FTN-101 F-Tuner


  • Flat (pushbutton)
  • Pitch (pushbutton)


Dr Tone

The DR. Tone FTN101 Chromatic Tuner Pedal is a simple to use pedal tuner with a bypass/mute stomp switch so you can play while plugged into the tuner, and quickly mute the guitar when you need to tune.

The DR. Tone FTN101 Chromatic Tuner Pedal is designed to tune your guitar quickly, from the moment you switch it on. It works by showing you the string number you are tuning, and whether it is sharp, flat or in tune. The standard settings are based around A440 (the standard pitch) and can be changed for non-standard guitar tunings. If you want to use a different (usually orchestral) tuning, it is possible to re-calibrate the A from 440hz. You can use the flat button to accommodate for flat tunings (by setting the number of semi-tones to de-tune by with the 'Flat' button).

With these powerful features you can be sure that you will be in perfect tune in any situation, and for the majority of uses the standard settings will be perfect straight from the box.

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