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There's a secret room in a secret Dr. Scientist Sounds facility located in a secret dimension... we keep our cool white coats and clipboards in there... along with the time-space barrier. The barrier is dialed in to a very special time and place... a magical era of guitar tones and flourescent green... the 1980s.

Ahhhh the 1980s... lawyers are driving Ferraris, legs are being kept warm by special thermal devices, and vacuum tubes are screaming. Or are they? Maybe it's just neat little green boxes that sound like screaming tubes... maybe these boxes are solid-state devices that are emulating the smooth and rich break-up of a vacuum tube amplifier, so pleasing to the ears...

Well, maybe a very sneaky Dr. Scientist Clonerizer was able to discover the secrets of the famous green boxes! But hey... there's no point in making something that's already been made... so we decided to make something that's a better something than that original something that was previously made... and then we decided to call it a WOOFER WAILER!

The Woofer Wailer is an analog overdrive unit that can take your guitar tone from gritty volume boost to fat, crunchy overdrive to loud, crispy distortion... with all kinds of awesome variations in between.

The lower toggle switch sets the overall bass orientation, the thin side is well, thin... and the more full-figured side leaves all your bass the heck alone.

The upper toggle switch sets the overall gain range - the round side uses an LED for the clipping diode and has a lower gain, less compression, and cleaner kind of overdrive sound. The square side is the standard small signal diode clipping sound, higher gain, more compression, and more midrange... that classic sound.

GAIN controls the amount of distortion and combined with the toggle switch settings allows a whole bunch of great overdrive/distortion sounds. You can rock your way through many genres all around the musical map!

TREBLE controls the filtering of the high end content, all the way down is quite dark and laid back and all the way up is quite bright and in your face.

VOLUME controls the overall output level of the Woofer Wailer. From a very quiet "pretend to be asleep because Santa is coming" volume level all the way to an uproariously loud "Santa and those weird deers are drunk and want to hear some AC/DC" volume level.

Dr. Scientist knows you want a great sounding rock'n'roll overdrive/distortion kinda pedal that combines the great sounds we all know and love with some extra tricks to really open up the tonal palette. One with some stripes, some great looking stripes! One just like... the WOOFER WAILER!


Woofer Wailers rock - around all clocks - but while doing so they only require a space of 6cm (2.4") wide by 11cm (4.3") long by 5cm (2") tall, depending on the knobs. You'd think the collected rock tones from 3 decades worth of awesome rock AND roll would weigh more than a pound... but you'd be wrong, it actually weighs less than a pound.

In order to rock and then roll one needs a fuel source, usually something complicated, expensive, and rare... like chicken wings and beer. Woofer Wailers require only regulated 9VDC using the standard BOSS style 2.1mm center negative plug or a 9Volt battery... they like that other stuff too, though, if you have extra.

Woofer Wailers are true bypass, are truly here to rock - this place, your face, every race, outer space - and are truly hand finished and assembled.

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