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The Audio Adjusticators of Dr. Scientist Sounds have been analyzing your guitar tone around the clock, from a secret laboratory located on a moon. We can't say which moon. As of exactly right now, all reports are indicating your guitar tone needs a little tidying up. It needs a little bass over here... and a little treble over there... more midrange now... whoa, don't get crazy with it, less midrange now... and hey, some gain couldn't hurt either, you know. Lucky for you, we're prescribing... THE CLEANNESS!

The Cleanness is an all analog high-impedance buffer, 3-band active equalizer, and great sounding booster all in one neat looking little package. It's like Batman's utility belt but for your guitar tone... well, it's actually way better than any belt for your guitar tone... really, what good would a belt be?

Three tone controls - bass, midrange, and treble - allow you to drastically alter the EQ of your guitar signal. Each control has about +/- 15dB of boost or cut and affects a frequency range that makes a big difference to your sound... you can go from mid-scooped to bass heavy to spanky sparkley with a few simple knob twists!

And after you've dialed in the coolest tone ever heard on this or any other planet, crank up the gain control (an op amp booster with about 20dB of gain) 'til all those other planets agree that your tone rules!

If those other planets you just blasted get all moody because of it just use the volume control to reign your tone in a bit until they cool down. The volume control adjusts the output level of the pedal and can be used to even out different levels with different tones or different effects.

Dr. Scientist knows you want to manipulate and tweak and fine tune and dial-in the coolest guitar tone ever. He knows you want to make that cool tone really loud also. And hey, there's nothing wrong with looking really awesome while doing all that, right? Right! So do yourself a favour and check out THE CLEANNESS! (MSRP $200)

More handy cleaning tips...

Cleannesses give you powerful control over your guitar's mystical frequencies AND your pedal board real estate... they measure a mere 6cm (2.4") wide by 11cm (4.3") long by 5cm (2") tall, depending on the knobs.

Cleannesses weigh less than a pound but can change the tone of guitars and amps weighing anything... even thousands of pounds. Dr. Scientist doesn't always change the laws of physics... just most of the time.

To power thousands of pounds of guitars and amps you'd need thousands of pounds of electricity, but Cleannesses only need regulated 9VDC using the standard BOSS style 2.1mm center negative plug or a 9Volt battery.

Cleannesses are true bypass, truly good at whipping your tone into shape, and truly hand finished and assembled.

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