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Dr. Scientist

1000 years ago, long before the birth of mankind, a squadron of sonically sinister, synthetic life forms, a.k.a. robots, left their home galaxy to roam the universe. They traveled trillions of space-miles and saw wondrous sights... all the while destroying clean guitar tones and ruining lives on a galactic scale.

The merciless robots left every guitar tone in their path utterly and horrifyingly murderized beyond recognition. Nothing was safe... humbuckers, single coils, solid states, vacuum tubes, any signal chain through any device - destroyed - loudly. They would have kept doing this for another 1000 years if not for one small detail they had overlooked... they underestimated exactly how hard Dr. Scientist likes to rock.

Turns out the robots' shocking and devastating form of sonic annihilation was exactly the kind of guitar tone that a team of Dr. Scientist Frazzonauts was trying to develop. So Dr. Scientist arranged a meeting with the robot leader... and mercilessly defeated him in multiple arm wrestling matches. And then he made the robots give Dr. Scientist Sounds the mystical and frightening knowledge of the dark side of fuzz...the far side of frazz... the FRAZZ DAZZLER!

The Frazz Dazzler is a truly unruly analog distortion device. A thick, wild, cutting, grinding, wall of fuzz that will crush your enemies' bones into dust and scare off werewolves - perfect for the extreme guitar tones of today's brave new world. And that's just on your clean channel!

The MIX control blends dry/clean signal with the Frazz signal - especially cool for bass guitars, drum machines, and synthesizers... but if you want to mix in some clean acoustic guitar or that weird vibraslap thing you're always hitting we think that'll probably sound pretty cool too.

GAIN controls the amount of unruliness the pedal unleashes upon the world - all the way down is very gated and blippy, all the way up is very slicey and scary. (No, sir, this pedal doesn't like 'cleaning up' with your guitar volume knob... only robots in movies clean up, they don't do that sort of thing in real life.)

SIZZLE adjusts the treble content, from really really dark... the doomiest darkness for the sludgiest sludgeness... all the way to really really bright...like that wonderful static noise that old T.V. made after you pushed it out that hotel room window back in Cleveland...

VOLUME controls the output level of the Frazz Dazzler. (Watch your style with it, these are really loud pedals and hey, you don't need your neighbours calling the cops again over nothing.)

Dr. Scientist knows you want a wild fuzz tone. You want to sound like a chainsaw... cutting the moon in half... while it's on fire. And you want powerful controls for finessing the frazzing, shaping the sizzling, cruising for the bruising, racing for the macing, mixing in some un-Frazzed tone for kicks, and then blasting that concoction up some wahoos! Plus, dammit, you want to see some cool looking robots and a sharp LED on it! You owe it to yourself - and the universe - to check out a FRAZZ DAZZLER! (MSRP $200)

Fun Frazz Facts:

Remember that robot from that movie? The big one with the lights and the noises and he did all that stuff... right, him, he was over 100 feet tall, weighed about a million pounds, and was really friendly. Frazzes are only about 6cm (2.4") wide by 11cm (4.3") long by 5cm (2") tall, depending on the knobs. They weigh less than a pound and don't like cuddling with anything, ever, don't even waste your time trying.

Frazzes sound like when a big angry robot stomps into your yard and pulls the roof off your house and eats it, but don't worry... your house probably won't be damaged much by your Frazz. Just as long as you only feed it regulated 9VDC using the standard BOSS style 2.1mm center negative plug or a 9Volt battery... and never after midnight.

Frazzes are true bypass, true bad ass, and true hand ass(embled and finished).



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