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    Dr. Scientist is run by Ryan Clarke and his wife, Tanya. Tanya does the artwork, Ryan does the electronics designing and pedal building and emails and they both do the shipping. The company is located in their basement which has been turned into an electronics shop, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Timeline (by Ryan Clarke)

    • Early 2003 - Needed a big change in life, no more gas plants, time for a new path.
    • September 2003 - Started Electronics Engineering Technology at NAIT, first day of the rest of my life!
    • Spring/Summer 2005 - Met Tanya at NAIT, she created the first vinyl pedal in August, a yellow Frazz Dazzler that I still have. This was when I knew I could have a go at a pedal business since Tanya's finishes looked so cool, it really made it all possible.
    • Fall/Winter 2005/Spring 2006 - Spent every day and night working on our first pedal line-up and the website.
    • August 2006 - Launched the website and officially opened for business!
    • Winter 2006 - Scrambled to make changes to the pedals to make them more available. I had been making PCBs from scratch in the kitchen and it was time to start designing pcb layouts and having Express PCB make them. This was a big change for us, took several months to get everything finished but had a big impact on our output.
    • Winter 2006 to Summer 2009 - We worked like crazy, every day!
    • September 2009 - Tanya and I got married in BC!
    • Spring 2010 - We started making the Radical Red Reverberator, our most popular pedal, in a new way, with a manufactured PCB and a powder coated box, it was a big milestone for us as this really changed the way we work and make pedals. Also made it possible for us to make serious progress on our 6+ month lead times.
    • Spring 2011 - Phased out the vinyl finishes in favor of the powder coated boxes, basically to help us be able to keep up with orders better but also to let Tanya have her life back. Her vinyl finishes were unbelievably time consuming and she was ready for a change.
    • Summer 2011 - Launched the new Tremolessence and then The Elements.
    • To the present time, April 2012, we've just been doing our thing with 4 pedals, the Tremolessence, the RRR, the Frazz Dazzler, and The Elements, refining them here and there along the way and working on the new Cosmichorus.
    • Summer 2012 - The new Cosmichorus should be available in stores, that's our next milestone!

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