Dr. No Mini Turd Fuzz


Dr. No

After a successful run of the TURD shaped pedals in foam version, we decided to make a limited run of 250 copies of our new MINI TURD FUZZ.

Many musicians asked about a “pedalboard friendly unit, so we provide!

As a bonus, we added an external Fuzz Volume knob in the famous TURD shape.

The Mini TURD FUZZ, uses a 9v power supply.

The Fuzz itself is a two (silicon) BC109C Transistor Fuzz that is mean and loud but works perfectly with the added Fuzz Volume to set back gain as well as it works great with dialing back your guitar volume pot. Fuzz in its purest form. All handmade with great care and one-year unlimited warranty.

The Mini TURD FUZZ comes in a custom-made cardboard box with a cotton silkscreened bag, including a Dr. No Effects sticker set and a Keychain.


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