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This was the first and most successful DrNo stompbox, it all started here! The first generation was licensed under Blendomatic. From there the development and production of the DrNo stompboxes started. And we soon went from this one box to a still growing repertoire of original and, more importantly, powerful effects!

It all started out as a fun side project while being a guitar roadie for Peter Pan Speedrock. Hearing and seeing the band perform for many years Peter told me he was looking for a good distortion/booster to Boost his lead gain.

With this in mind I designed and manufactured this box and gave it to Peter van Elderen, guitarplayer/vocalist for this Eindhoven powerhouse, and he took to it like a fish to water! Peter now uses "The Drive-o-Matic" live and in the studio which goes to show that it is a versatile and, not unimportantly, a sturdy piece of hardware. So my very first endeavor into the world of effects engineering was an instant success!

This box in combination in with a good "Marshall-esque" 100w amplifier will definitely bring the Rock-n-Roll-Tube-Screamin'-Thunder and can even be used for your more High Gain sounds.

So get yourself a heavy duty guitar, an Eindhoven Amps MJ 100/PPSR amp, "The Drive-o-Matic" stomper, a few hot riffs, a couple of screaming leads and you are good to go!

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