Dr. No Mother Brain - Analog Delay



Dr.No’s newest release and creation, the “MotherBrain” (Analog Delay).

The MotherBrain is an insanely high end quality build Delay effect, that produces classic, classy tones. This makes it the ultimate sonic tool for Guitarists, Bass Players, Keys and Vocal.

With three easy to adjust and dialed in functions;

  • ”Present” (mix of delay with the guitar signal running through) with dial range from “Wet” (Delay effect is fully mixed in signal when dialing clock-wise) to “Dry” (no delay effect running through signal when dialed back).
  • ”Insanity” (Delay time).
  • ”Memory” Short Term and Long Term (the amount of repeats/feedback you prefer).

Like you are used about Dr.No Effects, everything is very clear, and simple with use, but very efficient, robust and reliable.

The engaged MotherBrain delay effect has no influence on your send through signal, that stays at the same level and clarity as your original signal. Preferred position is to use as the last effect in your pedal chain.

Again very easy to adjust to use in various ranges. From rockabilly slabback, almost reverby, to insane oscillation spaced out tones and everything in between. Fully handmade and build to last a life-time by Dr.No, from circuit and silscreened housing to the custom made tiny brain knobs as well as the box and the little brain key-chain that are included. All MotherBrains are hand numbered and signed from 1/350 to 350/350, because Dr.No will only build 350 copies of his MotherBrain!

The MotherBrain uses a 9v power-supply.

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