Dr. No Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost (with Koen Fu\'s Customshop)


Dr. No

In 2017 Koen Fu took the opportunity to work as an artist in residence at the famous Dr. No Effects headquarters in Eindhoven Holland. This collaboration linked up in the development of, the now ready, KFC “Sauce Dispenser” “Crystal Boost” guitar pedal. A device which is an in-house developed high-end clean boost pedal. It is set to make and connect a link between the physical world and the spiritual world, by incorporating the widely discussed “Crystal Skull” technology developed at Koen Fu’s CustomShop. Every single device is fully handmade and personally packed and signed by Koen Fu and Dr. No.

To order one of these handbuild Crystal Boost Sauce Dispenser pedals, go to www.drno-effects.com and click on the “LABSHOP” button or go directly to the shop.drno-effects.com and your order will be processed and delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

The Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost is (hand) made and developed at Dr. No Effects headquarters in collaboration with Koen Fu’s Customshop.

The Crystal Boost works with a 9v standard guitar effects power supply, has a “Volume” knob and On/Off footswitch.

The Crystal Skull is built inside the effect. Please try to avoid direct contact and do not touch the Crystal Skull or do not look at it for longer than 30 seconds. The Crystal Skull is powerful enough to send and receive through the housing and works best when lid is closed at all times.

PLEASE NOTE! When you receive the Crystal Boost, the Skull is not activated yet, this to prevent unnecessary waste of Skull Energy during transport. When you receive your Crystal Boost pedal, please contact Dr. No Effects with message “Crystal Skull Activation N0#(number of your pedal)” Don’t forget to send a picture along to prove you’re the actual owner of this pedal. Koen Fu will reply within 24 hours to confirm your Skull will be activated.

Thank you.

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