Dr. No Bad MotherFuzzer


Dr. No

The Bad MotherFuzzer is the big brother of the Evil MotherFuzzer.

Compared to his little sister the Evil MotherFuzzer, this rough monster has 3 NOS germanium transistors instead of two inside the Evil MotherFuzzer. Both have High Gained AC128’s matched pairs equipped. These rad sounding (extremely rare)transistors create that true classic fuzz tone.

The circuit of the Bad MotherFuzzer, is totally different than the Evil MotherFuzzer, and there for both can not be compared. The Bad MotherFuzzer can reach to totally insane old school fuzz gain, like listening to old Monster Magnet records, Or Jimi Hendrix at high gain level. Fuzz dials can be dropped easily without loosing power or getting cloudy.

Functions: Volume, Shape, Bias, Fuzz.

Power: Uses 9v, negative tip powersupply.

Compared to almost every germanium transistorized Fuzz, the Bad MotherFuzzer (as wel as the Evil MotherFuzzer) can be daisy chained with other 9v effects power-supply.

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