Dr. No Alain Johannes 11:11 signature pedal


Dr. No

Early 2014 Dr.No and Alain Johannes started their collaboration on a new guitar effect.

The “Alain Johannes” “11:11” Pedal became a true piece of art with a lot of symbolic features and custom made parts that made it very special and personal. The effect(s) are a filter (A set wahwah) and a low gain Fuzz, a two in one effect to get that inspirational signature Alain Johannes sound. All fully designed and developed in collaboration with Alain.

Because the design is done for Alain Johannes Dr.No is only explaining some symbolism about the pedals design and features, the rest are personal and only ment for Alain Johannes.

The two bird skull knobs symbolize two people, namely the silver chicken/head is Alain Johannes, and the bronze magpie skull his wife Natascha Shneider. Settings of of the bird skull knobs when engaging teh effect, work out like a marriage, some settings argue and some work very well as a couple. The Fuzz section settings and knobs symbolize Alain’s magical number 11:11. With two aluminium Chilean coins, 1 centésimo, from his birth country Chili both from his birth year 1962 (May 2nd), form the first 11. Right knob is Fuzz Volume, Left 1 centésimo is the Fuzz. Underneath those Alain knobs are the two 1 Kopek coins from Natascha’s birth country and birth year 1956 (May 22), forming the second “11”.The functions are “Voodoo” and “Hoodoo” that stands for balance and shape.

Both effects can be used separate and at the same time creating magical onorthodox tones generating endless inspirational vibes. The Alain Johannes “11:11” project is already released 11 months ago, keeping a low profile on availability, that i felt like only make it available for the true Alain Johannes friends and fan’s first. I made 121 pieces available, spreading 11 copies over 11 months that will end at may 2nd 2016 at Alain’s birthday. The Price is €335,- (3+3+5=11). Copies that aren’t sold during the symbolic 11 each month for 11 months period, are available for you until the limit of 121 copies run out. It was an honor to do a project with friend and personal guitar hero Alain Johannes. All copies are hand signed by Alain.

Alain Johannes made a music piece to let your hear how the 11:11 pedal sounds like in full glory, recorded at his own studio 11AD Los Angeles. The song is called “The Adventures of Dr.No in the 11th Dimension”.


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