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The Dredge-Tone uC Compressor is the newest addition to the Dredge-Tone micro pedal lineup. The design is an updated take on the original Squeezer circuit. The SQUISH control changes the level of compression with a range that includes plucky picking to big sustain, and the LIMIT control sets the output level. The uC is very easy to use - just dial in the amount of compression and level you like and pick away.

From John Joseph at Dredge-Tone: "On my pedal board, I place it right after the Dredge-OD and the Dredge-mFO (micro Fuzz Octave - not available yet) in the signal chain. So in addition to some great compressed guitar plucking (think 70's/80's funk/Chicken-Pickin'), I can dial the OD or mFO into their big saturated settings, and dial down the Compressor (max Squish) to create super fat guitar tones (it's quiet enough to follow a high gain overdrive without adding excessive hiss into the signal path)."

The uC has a true bypass switch and, like all of Dredge-Tone's micro-pedals, it requires external DC power (9VDC or better yet 12VDC into a standard, negative tip, jack).

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