Dredge-Tone Dredge OD



The Dredge OD is the newest version of our original pedal, the Dredge Overdrive, and now will be available in many colors (Oh yes, the important stuff first). The OD responds dynamically to your playing touch, and can go from a slightly overdriven, jangly tone to big, saturated and nasty. All with one knob. The new OD was the first member of our micro-pedal series, and is packed into a smaller box to maximize the room available on your pedal board.

The new Dredge-OD has a true bypass switch, an internal tone adjust pot (ranging from super fat to sharp and edgy) and a standard, negative tip, power supply jack (just like big boys). A +12V DC supply would be best to use, but 9V DC is also OK. It has a reverse DC voltage protection circuit too - just in case...

  • True Bypass
  • Extremely wide drive range
    • Slightly Jangly
    • Everything in between
    • Fat and Saturated
  • Hand-built in USA
  • External 9V or 12V DC power required

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