Dredge-Tone Boost FP



The BOOST FP pedal is a great sounding, quiet, FET preamplifier circuit that is perfect for the front end stage of any guitar chain. It also works well as a "clean-ish" signal boost when you just want to get louder.

All of the signal path capacitors are metalized polyester film, all resistor are MIL grade metal film, and the FET was chosen for low noise and signal transparancy. The BOOST-FP was the second pedal introduced in the DT micro-pedal series and is optimized to maximize the available space on your pedal board.

The FP has a true bypass switch and requires external DC power (+9VDC or +12VDC into a standard, negative tip, jack). There are no adjustable parts inside, but I can easily modify this pedal for BASS if needed.

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