DreamTone Spector Fuzz


DreamTone (2006)

Spector fuzz is a high gain fuzz that lets you blend your clean boosted tone with a amazing singing fuzz. At the same time using a hand made Modified Orange Squeezer clone as a compressor, you can use the effects together or one at a time! There are two stomp switches that are both heavy-duty 3PDT true bypass switches. They turn the Compression (Violet LED) and Fuzz (Blue LED) off and on. The other cool innovative feature is that starting with this pedal all my pedals will have On/Off switches with miniature Red LEDs to tell you if it is on or off. So that you don't have to unplug the input jack to conserve power every time you stop jamming. One of the most annoying things for me is unplugging and plugging in the input jack before and after I jam. I will put these switches on all my boxes and can modify any pedal with this feature and LED indicator. If you have it for a setting that you hear both clean and fuzz lead tones you can back off on the volume a tad and the clean disappears! You can fade it in an out of cool tones. You can use this box as a clean comp box for blues or country tones. Or you can use just the clean overdriven fuzz or just the fuzz or go over the top. Hit the Smooth switch and you will weep your tone sounds so beautiful! It is hard to describe all the cool things you can do with this pedal.

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