DreamTone Pocket Drive


DreamTone (2007)

The Pocket Drive is my answer to a smart, small, and portable effect pedal that will make you sound great through anything you plug into. You can keep one in your guitar case and be ready for anything! This overdrive is based on the 4558 chip found in many tube screamers, we experiment with many op amps. It is an Original hand made point to point wired Overdrive design. It was made to be HIGHLY interactive with the tone knob on your guitar and the Dynamics of your picking. It offers 2 different clipping stages that are selectable via the center switch. One side gives you asymmetrical clipping that is loud and defined the other side gives you a symmetrical clipping and gives you growl and tight distortion. The Best part of the designed is you can Taylor the sound before you get the pedal, tell us the sound you are looking for and we will adjust the second clipping stage to YOUR preferences. The LED on it is a bright blue or miniature green your choice, and the sides are metallic Purple and the top and bottom are a beautiful shade of textured blue. Its hard to see in the photo but the sides are a nice purple fade!!! The Logo and labeling will be on the sides so that the blue on blue effects will look its best on your pedal board giving it a custom look. Each component is hand wire point to point and the bottom is then coated with clear epoxy to make any shorts from the beatings of playing on a stage impossible.

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