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DreamTone (2007)

Incredible fuzz has multiple ranges of tone. Go from beautiful blues and clean tones at minimum settings and the thing has 3 diff sounds depending on how you pick and your pickup and tone control on your guitar. Turn up the fuzz a small amount and get warm High gain sweetness with insane sustain, then almost max for thicker sound that gives some nice harmonics then max it for a octave fuzz that sounds deliciously evil when you hit power chords. Gain is set high above unity gain and built in buffer insures great tone before it hits your amp. Two switches control the type of fuzz whether you want a warm intense silicone fuzz using NOS 4148 diodes, or two LEDS and a si diode for a more transparent tone. Another switch turns the unit into a loud and powerful boost. Includes D/C jack, true by-pass with LED indicator, on/off switch, epoxy coated bottom and hand wired point to point.

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