DreamTone Magic Boost


DreamTone (2007)

Magic boost is a micro pedal that can sit in the corner of your pedal board. It is a single transistor JFET boost. Overdrives naturally at high volumes and is a leave on all the time pedal as it drastically improves overdrives and distortions. I use this as a guitar boost that is great for installing into guitars and the pedal you can clip onto your guitar strap. It's a great first pedal in your line up. You will be very surprised how useful such a small thing is. I am building units in slightly larger metal boxes if you need something a little stronger for an extra $10.

    Magic Boost - Water - This version uses a JFET Transistor and is fairly clean even at max settings you will only get slight nice breakup and has a high input Z.

    Magic Boost - Fire - This version uses a Darlington Transistor and is higher gain breaks up sooner and has a higher input Z and includes a second knob for gain control.

Both versions will have a switch to select between Trebble, Flat, or Bass responce characteristics. Also add $10 for a mod that eliminates AC feedback.

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