DreamTone Harmonic Distortion


DreamTone (2007)

Point to point hand wired for great tone. First knob to left is distortion, middle knob is feedback effect, right is volume. Switch under Distortion controls EQ range, left is mids right is full range. Switch under volume is distortion type. You can get all sorts of tones through the manipulation of the gain and Harmonic Distortion knob. This is one of my favorites, when you have the harmonic knob all the way up, you get amazing feed backing notes and any type harmonics you do on your guitar are loud and clear. When this pedal is overdriven with a good booster or a Rat pedal, you can get the exact tone of slash from G ‘N R. Also if you turn the harmonics down you can extract all sorts of blues tones. This is a very versatile pedal with many great settings.

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