DreamTone GTG


DreamTone (2007)

The GTG (Germanium Tone Generator) is similar to a Tone Bender, I added a highly interactive tone control and altered some components which make it more modern in sound, and signal quality. Sound is tight and sounds amazing with a Octave 8 pedal. The tone has an incredible range and sounds good at many different settings it will surprise you . The other key feature is when you turn down the fuzz, you can have amazing volume knob control on your guitar. Max your volume for heavy leads , then back it off for chord work and it sounds glorious!! If you want a saturated & intense fuzz this is it. 3 matched germanium transistors, true by-pass, point to point hand wired and allot of fun to play! All DreamTone FX pedals have a 5 year labor warranty.

POSITIVE GROUND UNIT - To preserve the tone quality of these matched PNP transistors this unit is positive ground. These transistors were manufactured specifically to be used in this way, so for the ultimate in germanium tone we made these units positive ground. The Germ boost and Fish Fuzz use the same polarity. The GTG D/C jack is wired so that this unit can be used with a normal negative ground power supply or in a power chain.

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