DreamTone Germ Booster


DreamTone (2007)

  • OC44 - Nice treble boost at low levels overdrives richly when level is set high, gives a doubling sound. To overdrives , tube amps and distortion pedals it adds a nice octave tone when at max settings and a mellow smooth blues lead at lower volumes, I can add a tone control, but with boost's sometimes less is more you don't want to effect your guitar's original tone.
  • USA Texas Ins. - This transistor is Awesome for clean loud treble boost. Sounds like a old blues amp set to min drive and high volume. Great for using before amps and overdrive pedals. Will overdrive nicely when pushed by a Dreamtone MagicBoost Or any good booster !
  • Hitachi PNP This is my favorite!! Great all around Boost sounds good with everything, much less overdrive sound then the Mullard OC44. Very trebly if treble boost is what you are looking for then this is it! When at high settings you get a very beautiful chorus doubling sound with chords. When used with a DreamTone Dream Comp Great clean tones and harmonics are abundant!! I can't say enough about the combination!

The Germ Booster is a Range master clone using the original OC44 Mullard Germanium transistor like the original. It also is a positive ground circuit like the original to retain all the amazing tone the circuit was intended to deliver. It is a treble booster, Clarifier and when turned up has the sweetest sounding light overdrive that you will ever hear. It also adds interesting and different sounds to every distortion and overdrive you put it in front off. Depending on where you have the knob set, it gives a cool octave up effect, and sometimes it sounds like a chorus when you play clean. It is truly and amazing pedal, and was used by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and many others. Its great for overdriving amps too. I think every guitarist should own a old germanium treble boost like this one for smooth blues and jazz, and a JFET modern clean boost like my magic boost, for getting over the top power chords from your favorite amp or overdrive pedal. Whatever your music style you can't go wrong with a Germ Booster!

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