DreamTone Fish Fuzz



DreamTone (2007)

This Germanium Fuzz pedal is a similar circuit to the original Fuzz Face using two germanium transistors capacitors values original units to get as close as possible to the original sound. The great thing about this effect is the huge range of the fuzz tone. Go from mellow subtle fuzz to over the top wall of sound fuzz. This is a popular pedal with local musicians and is a personal favorite.

POSITIVE GROUND UNIT - To preserve the tone quality of these matched PNP transistors this unit is positive ground. These transistors were manufactured specifically to be used in this way, so for the ultimate in germanium tone we made these units positive ground. The Germ boost and Fish Fuzz use the same polarity. The GTG D/C jack is wired so that this unit can be used with a normal negative ground power supply or in a power chain.

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