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DreamTone (2007)

The DreamTone + Boost is my beautiful overdrive circuit matched with a cap filtered Boost for Amazing tones at any volume. You can keep one in your guitar case and be ready for anything! This overdrive is based on the 4558 chip found in many tube screamers, we experiment with many op amps. It is an Original hand made point to point wired Overdrive design. It was made to be HIGHLY interactive with the tone knob on your guitar and the Dynamics of your picking. I love this pedal. I keep one stuck with Velcro to my portable amp at all times, and I have another in the front of my chain with my infinity(which uses a different distortion circuit, not a overdrive). The great thing about this pedal. It's not only a great overdrive/distortion it is a Awesome boost!! The boost can be used independently of the drive. Dream tone + is really three pedals in one. You get the normal overdrive sound, you get a boost pedal, and you get a boosted Overdrive taking you into searing distortion land! Just flick the switch and you turn on the boost, I set mine the way I like it and then always leave the boost on as a first pedal in my chain. Then when I want to rock I just step on it perfect tone!!

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