DreamTone Stereo Chorus


DreamTone (2007)

Uses NOS Mn3007 BBD chips which are quickly becoming more expensive, but have a beautiful sound.. Chorus has a 3-pos switch for pitch shifting. Uses A Dry signal buffer board for stereo mode (see Picture) Stereo mode activated when you plug into the second jack, and this extra board makes the chorus AMAZING when used with two amps! Has Depth knob with added 15k of travel to get deeper chorusing effect. Rate knob for speed. LED Flashes at the speed of the chorus rate. The switch in the middle changes the range of the chorus depth. Move it to the left and it runs through a polystyrene Capacitor, for deep pitch shifting chorus and with the rate and depth turned up you can get reverb and delay type chorus effects. The button to the left controls the rate of speed and the yellow (Color Can be Changed) led above it flashes at the speed of the chorus. At high rates on setting 2 it is a cool vibrato.

New Options: Stereo inputs (upon request), cosmetic changes (Any color you want), stomp switch for speed boost, stereo outputs is automatically a feature, depth switch to go from Light Shimmering Chorus to Deep Lush Chorus is also included on every Stereo Chorus

Many people have asked what the switch is for on the Stereo Chorus. It is for varring the Delay time of the chorus. So it is the only non studio chorus on the market that gives you 30ms+ of delay time and TRUE stereo CHORUS Mixing in the air buy the amplifiers. Or is a beautiful mono chorus via output 1 Stereo Air mixing chorus is turned on by pluging in the jack to out2.

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