DreamTone Blue Note


DreamTone (2007)

The Blue Note pedal is the most transparent and articulate overdrive I make and for that reason is well suited for live use. As you know when you are live and loud overdrives and distortions behave much different. This thing has a supper high Gain setting but the gain is in the pre amp part so you will get tons of gain with the volume. I keep the drive set at around 12 o'clock in the middle or maxed out. The tone control makes huge changes to the sound and I have it set up as a treble boost (turn to the right) and a mid boost (turn left) which is very useful. In my opinion it is the ultimate blues pedal. True bypass and all the transistors are socketed with gold plated sockets. There are also two trim pots which you can use to bias any new transistors you put in it. Any JFET transistor will work but some sound best. Included with pedal is instructions for the mod, however I have it set to my person favorite range, I think you will agree.

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