DreamTone 808 Clone


DreamTone (2007)

Built on custom made circuit board. We use the original 20k pots for the tone just like the original units. Crispy sweet pure overdrive but with tons of mellow flavor if you roll back the dials. Has a Green Clear Diffuse LED in it to give it that vintage Ibanez™ vibe and the switch below the Drive knob switches the clipping diodes from a Symmetrical / Asymmetrical layout, this simulates different types of tube amps distorting. I received some feed back email that said it sounded better then there professionally modified, real 808! True Bypass noiseless switching. If you are looking for a transparent overdrive at high and low gains, quality construction, and a very beautiful tone this effect is a must own. Caps are of the highest quality for cleaner drive and all models now come with an EQ switch for boosting mids or a more full range sound. 808 Comes with 2 Diff Op amps for changing the tone. This pedal sounds good with the Dreamtone Chorus, Compressor, and Octave 8.

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