Dragonfly BM-1 Black Metal


  • Power
    controls the output volume
  • Attack
    controls the tone
  • Hatred
    controls the amount of distortion
  • Chaos
    controls the "shape" or "contour"



This very limited edition concept pedal was created by a very small company for only a very small group of die hard, Metal musicians and collectors. Over the years, companies have released things like the Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal Core, Thrash Metal pedal...but no company has ever cared enough to release a BLACK METAL PEDAL. We believe it's about time. While literally hundreds of thousands of the above mentioned pedals have been sold, only 666 hand numbered Dragonfly Black Metal BM-1 pedals are available Worldwide. The Black Metal Concept Pedal was created by Black Metal fans, for Black Metal fans. This pedal was a labor of love and It is our small tribute to the greatest music on Earth. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

It must be stressed that, with all due respect, The Black Metal pedal's sound is absolutely nothing like the Metal Zone, Death Metal, Metal Core, or any other "Metal" distortion pedal. The Dragonfly BM-1 Black Metal Pedal possesses characteristics unlike all of the aforementioned pedals. If you are looking for a modern, clinical, ultra-high gain, "Nu Metal" tone, this pedal is not for you. However, if you are looking for crushing, "Old School" style Metal distortion, then the Dragonfly BM-1 is definitely worth checking out. This pedal still thinks it's 1985 and that's what it is all about.


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  • Power supply
    9 Volt DC (100 ma) Adapter or 9 volt battery
  • Dimensions
    75.5 (w) x 115.5 (h) x 47.5 (d) mm
  • Weight
    290 g (including 9 v battery)

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