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The dp musicworks PowerTalk is a talkbox with its own internal power amp. Therefore, it functions in a linear pedalboard much like other pedals. The three controls are volume, overdrive, and mix. The mix control sets the bypass output level to your regular amp when the talkbox is engaged, so you can have it fully muted (like an ordinary talkbox), turned down a little, or even at full volume. The overdrive control adds extra gain and crunch (to the talkbox only), and the volume control sets the input level to the internal power amp. Included are a six foot length of flex hose that couples to the box and a three foot length of 5/8" clear vinyl hose (long enough for a boom attachment) that couples to the flex hose. Use of the flex hose section helps to avoid the tendency of the clear vinyl hose to close off when bent. The flex hose is easily de-coupled from the box for storage. Both hoses are easily trimmed to your preferred length, and a hook-and-loop fastening system is provided for attaching to the stand and microphone (not included). The pictures below show the couplings. Part of the loop fastener can be seen around the second coupling.

The PowerTalk comes finished in hammered gold with a matte black bottom cover and also includes true-bypass switching, a red LED indicator, and the required AC adapter. It's overall dimensions (excluding the coupling) are approximately 7-7/8" x 4-3/4" x 2-3/4". The coupling extends the height approximately 1-3/4".

The PowerTalk is $279.00 plus shipping and applicable tax.

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