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The dp Vibe is closely based on the ORIGINAL Uni-Vibe. It uses the same lamp and photocell arrangement as the originals. The power supply is updated for less noise. Actually, it is well-filtered and regulated near the typical voltage of the originals, unlike most other vibe clones. The dp Vibe also features a large black aluminum knob for the rate control allowing easy foot operation. It comes finished in hammered silver with a matte black bottom and includes a chorus/vibrato mode switch, volume and intensity controls, true-bypass switching, a red LED status indicator that also monitors the oscillation rate, and the required power adapter. It's overall dimensions are approximately 4-3/4" x 7-3/8" x 2".

If you want the authentic sound of the vintage vibes for about half the price of a vintage one, here it is! The dp Vibe is $299.00 plus shipping and applicable tax.

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