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Doom In Analog (D*I*A)

My take on the much loved Foxx Tone Machine.

I always thought this circuit was so cool because it's essentially a two in one. You can have the fuzz by itself or an analog upper octave + fuzz with the flick of a switch. In messing with the circuit for a while I've added the things I found useful for dialling the pedal in at home, recording and at jams.

Everything you liked about the original but with a more aggressive tone stack voicing option, an ample volume boost in silicon clipping mode and more overall bass.


  • Volume- Master volume
  • Sustain- Expander/Sustain depending on Octave on/off
  • Tone- Compensates between more treble or more bass
  • Mids switch- Up position dials more mids into the tonestack for no loss and optimum cut in the mix as well as original factory scooped setting on the down position.
  • Octave- Switches the octave generating section of the circuit on or off.
  • SI/GE- Silicon/Germanium selection. Choose Silicon for a wilder octave in octave mode and an overall volume boost.

Designed to be rugged enough to stay on your touring board and work well with the wide array of backlines that will be thrown at you.

Only the best parts I can buy go into the Doom In Analog range.

I'm a big guy so a heavy duty footswitch was a must. I use Alpha true bypass footswitches which are the best on the market.

Electrolytic Capacitors (the one thing the manufacturer will give you a lifespan estimate on) are only the best I can find.

  • Neutrik connectors
  • Alpha heavy duty foot-switch
  • Panasonic/Illinois Capacitor/Nichicon/NRSG Japan electrolytics
  • Powdercoated Seafoam Green and screenprinted enclosure
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Runs on a 9v DC centre negative standard 2.1mm power supply input 

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