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Don Poniz

The Piccolo FUZZTOTUM is the result of our experiments on those 70s Italian fuzz pedals (Vox and Jen Tonebenders, Cosmosound and Silversound stompboxes) which have been collected, studied, modified over the last few years.

The Piccolo FUZZTOTUM comes in 4 different versions.

Piccolo FUZZTOTUM Red:

A fuzz pedal which is halfway between two classic stompboxes...the VOX/JEN Tonebender MK1.5 and the DALLAS ARBITER Fuzz Face.

The pedal features 2 New Old Stock PNP Germanium transistors which have been carefully hand-selected for specific hFE range. 1% Metal film resistors and in-built voltage inverter (so you can power with s a regular 9V negative ground supply)

Two knobs control and warm. sixties fuzzy tones here.

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