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Donner DP-4 ISO 8 Plus Power Supply



Donner pedal power supply DP-4 is professional range of dedicated multi-output power supplies for effect pedals. Switchable for 115V or 230V wall voltage. High quality loops of wire to produce perfect tone and supply stable current. Internal toroidal transformer with additional magnetic field shielding. The radiation and current noise have been controlled in a very limited range. This design can better exert your guitar effect pedals, get a better sound. DP-4 includes two high current outputs, capable of properly powering high power effects such as Boss Twin, Line 6 Modelers, and TC Electronic Nova pedals. And two outputs that can have a variable voltage sag to emulate dying carbon batteries. Using an optional voltage doubler, you can power for 12V and 18V effects as well. If you have two or more pedals on your pedal board, which requires more stable power source and more quality, Donner DP-4 is your right choice.


  • 8 way isolated outputs, high quality loops of wire to produce perfect tone and supply stable current.
  • Two SAG controls ,output Jack 7 and 8 are controls to vary the voltage from 4V to 9V.
  • Internal toroidal transformer with additional magnetic field shielding, short circuit and overcurrent protection design.
  • Output Jack 5/6/7/8 have two options, you can use the DIP switch to choose 9V or 12V/18V.
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Our Awesome Customer Support.


  • Material: Metal, Stable and Strong.
  • Input: AC 115V / 230V
  • Color: Black
  • 8 Isolated Output:
    • 4 way 9V 100mA
    • 1 way 9V/12V 300mA
    • 1 way 9V/18V 300mA
    • 2 way 9V/4-9V 100mA
  • Dimension: 155 x 85 x 45mm
  • Net weight: 1100g

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