Dolphin's Sound Purgatorio Superbia


Dolphin's Sound

Purgatorio Overdrive Superbia:

The effect is characterized by its wide sound range, possible thanks to Gain, Tone, Volume controls with the addition of two switches that allow the selection of two bands and two distortion levels.
The modulated sound is well defined ensuring a wide dynamic on the signal. The frequency band selector switch ( LO / HI ) offers the opportunity to obtain a sound with every combination of tone managing a low, medium and high distortion levels.
with the distortion selector Superbia leads to cover the full dynamic range from slight crunch to an overdrive and high gain.
The vast possibilities of tone control, gain and volume also make Superbia suitable for any type of guitar/amp setup.

Technical details:

  • Selected electronic components.
  • True bypass.
  • Two switches selection bands.
  • Full analog.
  • Jack input/output 6.3 mm 1/4″ on the sides.
  • Three knobs allow gain, tone and volume adjustment. The LED indicates the effect is on.
  • Power supply 9 volts DC via battery or external power supply unit. Battery replacement is possible by removing the four screws on the bottom cover.

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