Dolphin's Sound Nettuno - Fuzz


Dolphin's Sound

100% Hand Made made in Florence. Pedal with three controls .Level, Gain, Tone

The pedal is part of the trilogy of effects "The three naked men." Inspired by the 3 statues found in Piazza della Signoria in Florence: David by Michelangelo, Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini and the Neptune by Ammannati.

Research component with vintage: integrated and transistors of the series belonging to the batch production of the '70s.

Routing circuit manual carefully to the treatment of the slopes of the audio signal.

Mechanical strength guaranteed by mount components on the board. TRUE BYPASS switch high quality garanisce signal integrity with pedal off and eliminates any additional distortion effect.

Resistances to coal. High-brightness LED, steering so as to ensure the visibility of the state of ignition even in conditions of direct reflection on the pedal.

Carrying Bag pedal (hand made hand-stitched) included in the package.


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