Do-In DE-1 Delay/Echo


  • Delay Time
    controls the delay time
  • Feedback
    controls the amount of feedback signal(only for ECHO mode)
  • Delay Level
    controls the level of delay signal
  • Level
    controls the output level
  • Mode
    toggle the mode between DELAY and ECHO



If you've ever played a tape echo, you know that their tone is not dark sounding like some people claim, but actually quite bright and clear. The DE-1 gives the user the crispness and clarity of a tape echo combined with the longer delay time. In the current market, almost all analog delay/echo effects' circuit design are based on the Bucket-Brigade Delay-line (BBD) IC such as SADxxxx or MN3xxx series. This kind of ICs are very noisy, poor of frequency response and very short of delay time. The DE-1's circuit is an newest design with newest technology. The circuit is based on the application of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) IC. The combinations of digital and analog circuit offer the DE-1 with low signal noise, good frequency response and longer delay time( 1-600 milliseconds of delay time are available, more than enough to create an entire range of classic delay effects), making it suitable for use with any instrument including Guitar, Bass and Keyboards.

DE-1 has two operation modes, DELAY and ECHO. At delay mode, DE-1 offers the most authentic note reproduction . It will not alter the notes in any manner, the notes come back exactly as you played them. At echo mode, with 'FEEDBACK' settings, DE-1 can be used for multi-layering of short or long parts, creating beautiful, ethereal sound that slowly fade into infinity. In addition, DE-1 has a lower current draw than other delay/echo units, which means you'll spend less time changing batteries and more time playing!

The DE-1 Delay/Echo is a professional stomp box with four control knobs for 'DELAY TIME', 'FEEDBACK', 'DELAY LEVEL', 'LEVEL' and one 'MODE' switch for toggling delay and echo. Additionally, DE-1 can be powered with a standard 9-volt battery or with an AC adapter( any kind of adapter with DC-9V output). It also offers a DC output jack (in the back of the case) for the purpose of supplying DC power to other Guitar Effect. A heavy duty True-Bypass metal switch mounted on the case for toggling the effect on/off and a large red LED status indicator resides on the face of the unit. Try the DE-1 and discover what perfection is all about!

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  • Input Impedance
    470K ohm
  • Output Impedance
    1K ohm
  • True-Bypass Switch
    Heavy duty metal foot switch - toggle the effect on/off
  • Indicators
    LED - effect status and battery level
  • Max Input Level
  • Delay Time
  • Power Supply
    9V battery or any AC Adaptor with 9V DC output
  • Current Consumption
  • Dimensions
    98mm W x 123mm L x 40mm H
  • Weight (w/o battery)
    Approx. 460g

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